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The world`s coolest

selfie stick!

The anti-selfie-stick selfie stick

for better photos


Simple and smart

Simple, elegant and compact, CliqueFie Max is designed to take up as little space as possible in your handbag or bag.


Maximum strength and length

The space-grade aluminium used to construct the stick allows for up to 73.5cm (29.8 inches) extension, which is perfect for capturing even more expansive photos.


Angle adjustability

The MAX allows for angle adjustments between 0 to 100 degrees back and forth, allowing you to take your selfies with ease.


Retractable tripod

To make taking group shots or videos even easier, the CliqueFie MAX selfie stick comes with a handy built-in retractable tripod.

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360˚ Rotation + Battery Free

Must-have mobile photography gadget


Fit in Purse or Backpack

Condenses down for easy portability and storing in small spaces and bags.


Hands Free 360

No hands are needed during a 360 panoramic shot.

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CliqueFie Mini White

CliqueFie Mini White

CliqueFie MAX Selfie Stick Black

CliqueFie MAX Selfie Stick Black


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